Thursday, November 1, 2007

2k3 Workout B

Go ahead, if you want to kill yourself, just go do Turbulence Training's 2k3 Workout B. Really. Wow, and I thought Monday that it wasn't so bad. Well, I couldn't even finish reps on a couple of exercises on B, so that means I've got to lighten the load. Darn.

Haha, while I will likely be sore tomorrow, I still consider it to have been a good workout. A good butt-kicker, literally, as it was a lower-body-only workout. I then got in a good HIIT afterward, although I didn't follow much of a pattern- warm-up for 5 minutes, then 3 minutes at 5.0mph, down for 3 min, up for 2 min, rinse and repeat 2x, then up for 3 minutes and cool-down. Felt good to run, as it was the first time in nearly two months or more, although my abs got a stitch in them before I was really out of breath- I find that interesting.

I'm figuring that I'm going to have to pick up my workout length if I'm going to continue eating like I have been in the last few weeks. Sure, I'm building muscle, but I'm trying to move down the scale, not up it, got that, brain? Size 10 jeans are feeling really good this week, even with the up scale. So, here's to making sure I get in more workout time!

Ponderous question: Why is it that I can RDL 40 lb dumbbells, squat 25 lb db (which doesn't seem to be moving up either), but only lunge 15 lbs? Huh. Stupid hip.

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