Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Interesting Day

From my post at the Motivation to Move forum:

After I posted on my blog (last night), I returned to the authors’ sites and posted that my comments were on my blog. One author applauded me for it, the other one “chewed me out,” so to speak, for interpreting things incorrectly and jumping to conclusions on who he was talking about in the first place (he had deleted the name). I figured he must not have read very far into the post, because the bulk, if you did read it and take notice, is actually about it being a good thing when two experts express their beliefs and opinions and back it up (similar to the LSB vs. HIIT debate I had with Scott about a month ago). So, I wrote him back and clarified what my post was about and asked him to re-read it. I also stated that I was not the only one who felt it was a debate (as the other author had responded on his blog). I then received a positive reply, as he had not realized prior to that that the second author had responded, so he was able to leave his comment on the second author’s blog. Confused yet? I hope not. Basically, I’m just stating that it was weird to be “in the middle” so to speak, and it’s odd because I have a hard time being taken as a non-professional, which I forget that on the internet, ANYONE can say they are a professional but be lying about it. I may not have as much experience as the “gurus” out there, but I’m learning as fast as I can, and I believe that I can rival them one day!

So I’ve rambled enough about that subject. I ate 5 meals today, and although one was 3 hours late and the other was pizza, I still feel like it was a pretty good day. I got a very quick workout in, as I only had 20 minutes to workout. I made up last week’s missed workout and did TT2k3 Workout A (the upper body workout). Lowered my weights a bit b/c I could tell my body wasn’t fully up to par due to yesterday’s weight lifting workout (it definitely becomes more difficult for your body to generate the energy necessary when it’s busy fixing someplace else), but I also lowered them because I didn’t want a repeat of last week’s 4-day soreness.

Okay, I’d better stop avoiding housework now!


Marcol said...

A little confused but I will go on to the preceeding blog to get caught up.

And ummm guru's - you can hang with the best of them...half of them are only guru's in their own world...ask the majority of people their names in your gym and theyre like, who what?

Anyway, let me get to reading more :)

Carrie said...

Ahh Marcol, I am definitely inclined to agree with you on that one! I've mentioned a few names to my college advisor, and he's like, "who?"