Thursday, March 29, 2007

Something's Up...

All right, so my workout s*cked today. I don't like Week 9-12, Day 2 in the first place, but I just couldn't seem to get my energy levels going today! I'm ready to give up on the single leg/stability exercises, as my knees seem to hate 'em. Didn't get through the whole workout, ran out of time and had to rush to class. I've had a grand total of one (1) HIIT cardio workout this week, the rest of my cardio has been "cardio bunny" type.

Didn't completely trash my eating kcals today, but food quality wasn't the greatest from about 4:30-onward. Did not even make 1400 cals today, which is quite surprising (1072 kcal to be exact). I'm not hungry, either.

Bought a new e-book today. This one's by Josh Hillis and is called "The Last 7 Stubborn Pounds" or something like that. So far, short, easy, down to earth. Only one thing new so far, and that was how to modify the inverted bodyweight row. I'll get a full review when I'm done reading it.

Tomorrow I'm back up to 1800 kcals!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Resting!

I originally wanted to title the post "recovery sucks," but that's just a bad way to finish off the day. I started off with my workout today and found that I definitely was not recovered from my chiropractic appointment yesterday- my heart rate jumped waaay too high after only the first time around the first circuit. I gave up and got on the bike, pedaled pokey and easy for 40 minutes, then did some isometric training- planks (1 min), side planks (1 min each), push-up holds (10 sec x 3 times), squat holds (2 times x 5 squats), prone cobra (3 min), and lots of stretching the front of my body, some back and legs stretching.

As for kcals, I let myself go too long between meals and fudged up supper. I rather enjoyed the pizza and the ice cream; it feels good to eat those every once in a while. I topped off the calorie counter at 21oo. My max kcals are 2300, but my goal for today was 1800, so tomorrow I'll be back down to 1400, with a goal of 40% protein and 40% carbs.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Low Cal Days

I have determined that low calorie days are the pits to follow (not as bad as they could be, but...). Yesterday I clocked in just over 1300 cals and today I clocked in just over 1400 cals (both days I was aiming for 1200-1400 cals). Tomorrow I'm back up to 1800. Mostly I'm just playing with my calories (otherwise known as cycling) to get things moving again. I weighed in not four weeks ago at 162, my lowest yet, but have seen 166 and 167 on the scale in the past week or two. I don't usually follow the scale but sheesh, 4-5 pounds of muscle? Yeah, right.

I will reach my goal! I know I will!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Work Hard, Control Your Actions

Exercise is such a huge part of my life! I want to share that with the world. However, I must attain my goals and here they shall be posted.

The pictures above are a composite of what I am determined to look like by May 1, 2007. I started the first week of February and am beginning my 11th week. My program: "Afterburn" by Alwyn Cosgrove which does a wonderful job of burning the fat by using functional training techniques and is 16 weeks long. I think it's an amazing program- I am running now (was not able to before due to hip issues), have dropped 10 pounds, and my fitness level is crawling to new heights. I'm also still following it, which is the most amazing part. I am an avid "Body-for-Life" fan, but I never followed the program consistently for more than four weeks. Likely it allowed too much leeway for me, who wants something set up, ready to go, no thinking necessary. I have been utilizing (more lately than I did in the beginning) the "Eating for Life" program for nutrition, as it is well-balance and includes full meals in the recipes (as well as pretty pictures which keep me from being afraid to try new foods). I am far from perfect, however, but I am striving to reach new heights nutritionally and am headed straight for my goal- pictures posted above.

Below is where I'm coming from- my goal is not impossible, but it will take hard work and dedication on my part.