Thursday, March 29, 2007

Something's Up...

All right, so my workout s*cked today. I don't like Week 9-12, Day 2 in the first place, but I just couldn't seem to get my energy levels going today! I'm ready to give up on the single leg/stability exercises, as my knees seem to hate 'em. Didn't get through the whole workout, ran out of time and had to rush to class. I've had a grand total of one (1) HIIT cardio workout this week, the rest of my cardio has been "cardio bunny" type.

Didn't completely trash my eating kcals today, but food quality wasn't the greatest from about 4:30-onward. Did not even make 1400 cals today, which is quite surprising (1072 kcal to be exact). I'm not hungry, either.

Bought a new e-book today. This one's by Josh Hillis and is called "The Last 7 Stubborn Pounds" or something like that. So far, short, easy, down to earth. Only one thing new so far, and that was how to modify the inverted bodyweight row. I'll get a full review when I'm done reading it.

Tomorrow I'm back up to 1800 kcals!

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