Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Da Workouts

I've been terribly busy as of late! I'm working on a top-secret video project that's requiring more time than I was hoping it would, but isn't that how it always goes?

The workouts have been hardcore. I changed things up a bit and have been methodically working on my bootcamp workouts, so I'm getting some heavy sweat going at least three days per week. The accu-measure bodyfat tester I bought several weeks ago, measured myself with, then threw with disgust has shown some promising results: down from 27 mm to 22 mm. I'm hoping that's due to actual fat loss and not to improving my measurement capabilities, since I've been also measuring all my bootcampers. The muscles in my arms are starting to make a reappearance. Wonderful. I had missed them! So, if I lost any fat, it wasn't in the face like usual, but in the arms. And it hasn't shown on the scale.

I've been waffling back and forth for the last week and a half as to whether or not to join Tom Venuto's 50-day challenge. Wouldn't mind the pressure; would hate the pressure. I have until midnight tomorrow night to decide, and it's actually probably earlier than that because of Thanksgiving stuff.

For a moment of sad reflection, tomorrow was also supposed to be the final day for the challenge I started back in September. I have made progress. My life has progressed soooo much in the past three months, although Sept already feels like a lifetime ago. I'm somewhat Sad, because I spent so much of that time between then and now just surviving life. Alright, not really. I have been through a lot. At the same time, I know I could have done lots better. So, that is why I just keep plugging. It'll happen!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Quick, before I get distracted and go to something else!

I did NOT take off those three pounds. I'm sitting steady at 164 (sad, but true). Workouts are going great, I'm going through my bootcamper's workouts again and tweaking them as needed because I have great plans for them ;). I reset my goal, but this time I'm not going to have that little "panic" button go off inside that makes me do the opposite of what I need/want. So, four pounds, next two weeks? Good goal. Noticed that Thanksgiving is next week, which is of course the original deadline date I had. Sigh. Oh well, on the way to great things anyway!

Also, check out the contest that Tom Venuto of "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" is doing. SWEET!

Monday, November 9, 2009

I Believe...

Well, I believe I did it. Lost those two pounds, I mean. Of course, most of it required taking off my jeans... *grin* Just kidding. Weigh-in this morning put me at 163. I believe it must have all come off my face, cause people were noticing already. Jeans were also fitting well this morning, and two weeks ago I gave them up entirely because they were getting too tight.

Now that I'm not in denial, I can really see where I put on the weight in the last year: all in the hip/saddlebag/thigh area. Ew. I notice it most when I'm in Zumba class in front of the mirror. (By the way, if you haven't tried Zumba yet, go find a class nearby. It won't substitute for a good hard bodyweight workout, but it's fun!)

So, that means I'm working. Feeling good, getting several workouts in a week, eating more sensibly- it's so nice to be back to that again.

Goal for this week: three pounds gone forever.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Take Two

Well, I just lost about 15 minutes of good blog material. Lovely. That'll teach me to click buttons! Well, I'll try again.

I had an idea this morning that would be for an iPhone/touch app, but am unsure of how to proceed without it costing a bundle (and wouldn't mind making money in the process!). Here it is: I'm an extremely visual person, so a visual representation of how I'm doing weight-wise would be good for me. I'm thinking of having an avatar on a path, 3D preferable, that leads either to a lava pit or a treasure/game/whatever, depending on where you're at regarding your goal. Let's say you put in a current weight of 215 and have a goal of 180. If you type in that you gained 5 pounds, your character would move closer to the lava pit. If you type in that you lost 5 pounds, your character would move closer to the treasure. I'm thinking a game would be fun, as it can only be unlocked once you hit your goal (in fact, several games/levels along intervals might be the most compelling). No games if you're heading toward the lava pit. How fun does that sound? Let me know if you know anyone with the knowhow who'd be willing to partner up on that.

On my own fronts, I'm starting to cruise again after hitting a week's worth of brakes. I intend to lose two pounds this week. I like it when good habits just kick in, because autopilot's the best. Then there's no fighting, there's just making sure the momentum keeps going. It's definitely a lot easier. So, I'm working on that momentum. I figure I'll ramp it up to the point where I literally am flying by December 1, and will hit January 1 at 150. That being said, if anyone wants to lend me their copy of Warp Speed Fat Loss, I'd be willing to borrow it.

The training people thing is going great too. I'm remembering why this is my passion! It's definitely not easy, but when you've got people who are willing to work and who are seeing results, it's all worth it.