Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How did that happen?

One of the things that has always bugged me about getting "fit" was the intense focus that the fitness community tends to have toward running. Mostly, it bugged me because I couldn't do it. Anyone who's read my blog for a while knows it tends to tweak my hip and cause issues. So, even though I didn't mind doing it, the pain afterward (or during) was too much to handle.

All right, so what happened? Most of my cardio lately has been running. Without ANY issues (well, sort of). At least, none from aforementioned hip.

Strange. My body did a lot of strange things this last summer, like stopped hurting almost entirely- I haven't (knocking on wood) been to a chiropractor since May. It stopped hurting almost the instant I got up to the Northwoods to start my new job. It was really odd. But I'm thankful for it!

So here's to a thankful post, because I did a run today. Fun, all-out intervals. Yep, intervals were fun. *grin*

My sanity may have gone with the pain when it took off... LOL.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Snow Fell. And so did I.

We got snow here yesterday, and my co-workers up in the Northwoods say they woke up to snow on the ground this morning. Oy, winter always comes too fast!

I got a great workout in today. I changed a heckuva lot of my mindset this past Friday, and all I needed to do was one thing - get outta my own damn head. I'd been having trouble getting to my workouts for this excuse or another, the biggest one being that my work schedule depends on three things: my daughter's patience, the amount of work I have on my desk that can be done at home, and traffic. Traffic's the big one I think ;). So here I was, giving excuses for not stopping at the gym on my way home because I usually have my daughter with me, and not even giving her the option of hanging out at the Kid's Club provided by the gym. HELLO. I signed up there because they had childcare and a better price/more locations than most of the gyms around here. So Friday, all I needed to do was decide that I'd go for her benefit, because she'd love to hang out and play there. Naturally, they don't have kids club on Fridays. So, I went on Saturday.

And she loved it.

One small change in my thinking, and whallah- there's nothing standing in my way of a good workout anymore.

Sheesh. I'm thinking it's time we got out of our heads more often!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back to the Blogging Board

I realize my blogs have been pretty nonexistent lately. It's how a lot of my life has felt, as I've been working hard to adjust to the new city, new job, living with my husband full-time, etc. It's not something that comes up often in social weight-loss circles, but it needs to be dealt with:


It happens. Whether it's a new job, the loss of a current one, the birth of a child, or whatever. People talk about change all the time - about how we want it, because we're sick of where we're at currently - but when it actually happens, we kick and scream like a toddler denied her favorite treat.

It's one of my theories as to why so few people actually succeed at beginning weight loss. To be unhappy with where you're at is one thing; to change enough of the habits that got you to where you're at is another. Kick and scream all the way to the fast-food joint.

However, when in the weight-loss portion or even while maintaining, change can really screw with the results of that too. When we experience change, we may want to go back to something familiar and comfortable. For me, that something comfortable was just to spend as much time with my family as possible (and of course, eating with them- and my husband eats a lot, something I hadn't needed to deal with when we were living apart during the week).

Part of that means I've been lucky to get in two workouts a week. My eating also had a pretty big downhill slide for a while, but it's been getting back under control. I think it's because I'm starting to get used to the changes that happened. I don't need as much of the comfort as I needed before, and I can "strike out" on my own again. So I am starting to feel more like "my old self" or at least, the self I was prior to the big move.

It could also be that my husband went on a business trip this week, so it really does feel like it did before.

However, my point is that when change happens, you've got to do what works until you get used to your new life. Maintain what you can. But also, accept the change as positive and good, because something amazing will come of it. And then see how you can move forward with it.

I'm finally back to the point where I can move forward again, and boy am I glad of that. I didn't like going backward.