Saturday, December 27, 2008

I WILL break that face!

We got a Wii for Christmas, and after returning home from our vacation last night, we hooked it up and went to town. Lot's of fun so far! My hubby is doing great at keeping me accountable, he wouldn't let me sit down at all while playing ;). The Force Unleashed is great for a slight cardio workout, and Boxing really does get the heart rate up. I loved punching the boxing dude in the face. ;) I'm in the process of obtaining a Wii Fit (as soon as I can find one), and I plan on using that as an adjunct in my workouts.

Rip also suggested a couple weeks ago that I dust off my kettlebells, so they're going to come out of the closet and admit they're hard-asses.

I am going to be heading up to camp this week for work, so I'll be AWOL on the blog (limited internet access). However, I plan to be constantly moving. I'll also see if I can't get in a couple of actual workouts on the side.

Food is in an interesting spot right now. Not one I can describe. If I do, I may end up diving into a bunch of chocolate. Let's just say I'm working really hard on not blaming, feeling guilty, or otherwise beating myself up. I plan to work on accepting and moving on. It's tough, but it's also why I'm working on it. The rest will follow, as it always does.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Eh, Not Great

So, the track record for my first week on part Two: not so great. I got in exactly one good workout, and the same number of blog posts. Of course I'm mad, I want to be accountable, but I'm finding one good stumbling block after another. It tells me a few things: one, I'm not quite there yet in being ready to change, and two: I still want the easy route. And I'm now officially on vacation for the next week. Ah, see the excuses forming in my brain?

Six months ago nothing could keep me down. Now, not so much. It's going to be a long ride turning this around, so sit back and don't get too excited. I absolutely hate the thought that I am potentially going to be "another" one of those New Years Resolutioners- "I'll do better come the first". Egh. No way, no how.

So, we'll see what I can do over the next two weeks to get around that!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I like to read. I do it alot. In fact, right now I like to do it more than surf the internet. :D

So that's what I did last night instead of posting, but here I am! I got a decent workout in at the gym, although I had a sinus headache the whole time (my metaphor for the -14 degree weather plus windchill: When I breathe, I get the ice cream headache without the benefit of the ice cream!).

I also decided to find a scale. It was sobering. It registered 168. Twenty pounds since May. Wow, how hard we fall. So, I'll just continue the process of picking myself back up and dusting off. I'm not setting any weightloss goals for right now, just the goal of getting in a workout nearly every day. The food will follow, and then the weight.

So, I'm back in the saddle and feeling good. I won't get in a workout tonight, but I'll be there tomorrow!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Newest Post

It's time to post again. Now that I haven't got anyone following me, right? Ah well my own fault.

I've definitely had a hard time of it the last few months on the weight maintenance front- too much wanting to eat everything in sight, too little control. I'm not really sure how bad- my fall has been hard to admit, least of all to the perfectionist side of myself. Let's just say I can't wear as many of my clothes as I'd like, but I haven't had to go out and buy new ones.

I've been taking small, tentative steps in the right direction, but I hesitate to say I'm back yet. I'm scared that if I say it, I'll find a million reasons to fail.

Here though, are a bunch of reasons why I really want to be back to "normal" (at least, what "normal" was back in May, before the move):
--I miss my biceps. Yes, there's no longer any muscle definition there, and it saddens me. I want them back. Lots of push-ups are in order. (Forget biceps curls, they don't use enough muscles to burn calories.)
--I miss wearing all my clothes. I'm sick of being scared I won't be able to wear the next item I put on.
--My self-esteem has taken a dive, I'm more scared to go after life again. Ugh.
--Anyone who's ever been overweight knows how hard it is to move. It's easy to ignore when you're big, and it's easy to forget once you're no longer big, but when the weight comes back on and you notice it, OMG. Forget that! I am ready to move easily again!
--If I can't lift a canoe come May, I'm screwed. Period. I can't work for a canoe camp and not be able to solo-lift a canoe. Ain't gonna happen. I know it was getting tough in September, which means that I was heading downhill back then.
--I'm getting varicose veins! They're ugly! They're only going to be worse if I've got extra fat hanging around.

So, here's to the makeover. I'm going to makeover this blog, and myself, and start from scratch. I'm calling this:

The Afterburn Effect: Part Two
Back to the Burn

I don't plan on it being easy. It's going to take a lot of stuff on my part. It might take awhile, too. But I'll be back. And I'm posting. Even if it's a sentence, I'm going back to posting daily. I've got to keep myself accountable!