Friday, December 19, 2008

Eh, Not Great

So, the track record for my first week on part Two: not so great. I got in exactly one good workout, and the same number of blog posts. Of course I'm mad, I want to be accountable, but I'm finding one good stumbling block after another. It tells me a few things: one, I'm not quite there yet in being ready to change, and two: I still want the easy route. And I'm now officially on vacation for the next week. Ah, see the excuses forming in my brain?

Six months ago nothing could keep me down. Now, not so much. It's going to be a long ride turning this around, so sit back and don't get too excited. I absolutely hate the thought that I am potentially going to be "another" one of those New Years Resolutioners- "I'll do better come the first". Egh. No way, no how.

So, we'll see what I can do over the next two weeks to get around that!


Kristen said...

It seems like the way around that is to simply start now. You'll be back into it by the new year and won't need to make that resolution. or something like that. it's worked for me for the past couple of holiday seasons anyways. I seem to get more focused around this time. maybe it's because i get so fed up with myself and all the junk food.

good luck. i read your blogs and feel like we're often in the same place.

Will @ 4XLT said...

It's weird ow this whole weight loss thing can be such a cyclical thing.

But reading your post, I do have a question that (may, hopefully) help spark some mental stuff: what is different about where you were six months ago and dominating as to where you are today?