Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A New Post

Just realized it was February that I made my last post, and I figure I should get you a new one!

I'mma still pecking away at things. I had a hard last few weeks, doing some mental tug of war with myself, but that's done. I finished just shy of 2000 kettlebell swings as of last Thursday and managed to wonk out my shoulder, so I've been generally avoiding them completely. Which of course means that the 10,000 swings goal is pretty much out of reach now, but 5,000 still can be done with ease- and perhaps that could turn into 6 or 7,000? I do like the philosophy of just stopping for 5-7 minutes, doing some swings, and getting back to work, so I won't be giving up on them. I just don't like how my shoulder (read: traps/lats area by the shoulder blade on the right side, one that's given me problems since my daughter was born) acts up after doing 2 or 300 of them in a row.

Eating went postal for a while. Not really sure how long, as it was a 1-step forward, 2-steps back sort of thing, but I've got some things going down that have pinned it back in place. Gotta love the idea of rewards!

And boy do I have a big reward: for attaining my goals/turning 30/7th wedding anniversary we (my hubby and I) are going on a cruise! I'm truly looking forward to that, and that kind of goal is going to definitely keep me in line. It'll be paid for by April 1, so no backing out or down. The dates: May 31-June 4, in southern California. Yay! So, that goal picture I've got posted right down there? That's me. May 30, 2010.