Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And the Workouts

I must admit, the plans for the next three months scare the living tar out of me. Hehe. Oh well, the experts/gurus are always saying that if your goals aren't making you sh*t your pants, then you didn't shoot high enough.

Here, then, are the workouts I have planned, as well as the measurements I took this morning. I'm going to be heading up north for a couple of days and won't be back until Sunday, so I figured I'd get out ahead of the crowd. Most of the exercises should be on YouTube, and make sure all of them are done with proper form.

January Workouts

Choose from one each of the 5 days. Make sure and keep it constantly mixed up, we want to keep the body guessing. That's why there are five of the workouts. Don't repeat any one of the workouts more than once per week.

Choose three exercises from this list: Bodyweight Squats, Bird Dog, Y-Squats, Push-ups, 2-leg Hip Extensions, Single Leg Hip Extensions, or Y-Pulldown

Choose three exercises from this list: Bird Dog, Y-Pulldowns, 2-leg Hip Extension, Prone Cobra, Camelback, Sun Salutation

Workout A
Each exercise 30 seconds, go through each of the exercises without rest then rest for 1 minute and repeat. Go for four times through total, although pure beginners may want to start with 2 times through. The point is to get as many reps in each exercise as possible and match or beat those reps with each subsequent round.

-Kettlebell Swings
-Kettlebell Clean and Press
-Mountain Climbers
-Side to Side Squat
Rest 1 minute, repeat up to 3 more times

Workout B
Each exercise 30 seconds, go through each of the exercises without rest then rest for 1 minute and repeat. Go for four times through total, although pure beginners may want to start with 2 times through. The point is to get as many reps in each exercise as possible and match or beat those reps with each subsequent round.

-Side to Side Squat
-Staggered Push-ups
-Split Squats Side 1
-Split Squats Side 2
-Spiderman Climb
Repeat up to 3 times

Workout C
Each exercise 50 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest, go through each of the exercises then rest for 1 minute and repeat. Go for three times through total, although pure beginners may want to start with 2 times through. The point is to get as many reps in each exercise as possible and match or beat those reps with each subsequent round.

-Kettlebell Swings
-Jumping Jacks
-Jumping Jacks
-Mountain Climbers
Repeat up to 2 times

Workout D
In this workout, you have twenty minutes. Period. Do your warm-up, then set the timer, then try to do as many rounds of this circuit as possible in the 20 minutes. Each week, try to beat your "score" by a) one or more reps, b) one or more exercises, or c) one or more rounds. There are six exercises, and minimum number of rounds is three. If you get more than seven, substitute tougher versions that work similar muscle groups.

-Kettlebell Swings x 10 reps
-Push press x 10 reps
-Split Squat x 10 reps each side
-Spiderman Climb x 10 reps each side
-Push-ups x 10 reps
-Burpees x 10 reps (don't include the push-up variation)
Repeat until 20 minutes is finished, then cooldown.

Workout E
Each exercise 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds rest, go through each of the exercises four times through total, then take 1 minute rest and move on to the next two exercises. The point is to get as many reps in each exercise as possible and match or beat those reps with each subsequent round. This is also known as the Tabata protocol, and it is brutal for your fat stores and cardiovascular system- which can only mean good things!

-Jump Squats
Repeat 3x, then 1 min rest
-Spiderman Climb
Repeat 3x, then 1 min rest
-Kettlebell Clean & Press
-Jumping Jacks

This workout was designed for healthy people who have been exercising for at least six months. It is not meant to be construed as medical advice. Please consult your physician prior to beginning this program.

And my measurements:
Weight: 161 lbs
Bodyfat: 22 mm (29%)
Right arm: 12.75"
Chest: 33"
Waist: 30.5"
Hips: 37"
Gluteus: 41"
Right thigh: 23.75"

For comparison's sake, here are some old measurements:
November 9, 2009: 163 lbs
February 23, 2009: 166 lbs
February 2008: 147 lbs

I could type up the inches stuff, but no one except me truly cares. Just know that I'm up about 1-3 inches in most measurements from 12/13/2007, my apparent lowest point.

Okay, enough information for now! I'm signing out for a few days, but I'll be back on accountability on Sunday. Hopefully with the meals plan for the week!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Overview

Here's an overview of the next six months, starting January 1, 2010 and ending June 30, 2010. Keep in mind that these goals are geared toward myself specificially, but they should be easy to follow and adapt if you want. I set my sights extremely high on purpose: first, something I really need to work for, and second, I need to prove something to myself. As a trainer, I am constantly bombarded with announcements from other trainers that say they've had people lose 15-20 pounds in one month using the meat & veggies only plan. I need to prove to myself that that is real. If I can do it with myself, then I can implement it with clients.

I plan to weigh in once a week, do a bodyfat measurement with Accumeasure calipers, and every two weeks, measure inches in the right arm, around the belly button, around the hips at the widest point, and the right thigh.

Also, I will be planning my meals in advance. The compliance % changes with each month, and will be dependent upon results. Compliance means that if I'm eating 5 meals per day, 7 days/week, I have a certain percentage of meals I can skip/flub up on/use to let my hair down. 100% compliance means just that: it's intense, and only happens for one month. 90% compliance means I get three meals per week; 80% compliance means I get 7 meals per week. There's one full rest week in the middle, which is practice for maintenance plus a reward week. I haven't really thought about my weekly/monthly rewards yet, which means I'll need to put them in later.

The Big Picture: 6 months, January 1-June 30, 2010

Month One: January 1-January 31
Hardcore, Intense, Exhilarating
Reduce fat by 15 pounds minimum, 1 mm decrease (BF%) every 5 days
Workouts: Metabolic Circuit 5x/week; Fun/Active 3x/week
Diet: Meat, Eggs, Veggies with plenty of fruit, yogurt, and oatmeal
Compliance: 100%
End Goal: Size 10, 150 pounds by Jan. 31

Month Two: February 1-28
Intense and Exhilarating
Reduce fat by 10 pounds minimum, 1 mm decrease (BF%) every 7 days
Workouts: Metabolic Circuit plus depletion circuit 5x/week; Fun/Active 3x/week
Diet: Meat, Eggs, Veggies, Fruit, add in more whole grains after workouts only
Compliance: 90%
End Goal: Size 8, 140 pounds by February 28

Month Three: March 1-30
Start Tweaking
Reduce fat by 5 pounds minimum, 1 mm decrease every 7 days
Workouts: Metabolic Circuit plus depletion 6x/week; Fun/Active 2x/week; High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 1x/week
Diet: Meat, Eggs, Veggies, Fruit, Whole Grains (some cereals) after workouts only
Compliance: 80-90%
End Goal: Size 6-8, 135 pounds by March 30

Active Rest: April 1-6
Rest week, Fun/Active workouts only
Diet: Work on intuitive eating, but relaxed

Month Four: April 7-30
Tweaking and Fitness Increases
135 pounds and 20% or less BF%
Workouts: Metabolic Circuit plus depletion 6x/week; Fun/Active or Endurance 3x/week; HIIT 1x/week
Diet: Meat, Eggs, Veggies, Fruit, Whole Grains
Compliance: 80%-90%
End Goal: Size 6, Seeing abs and muscle definition by April 30

Month Five: May 1-31
The Final Stretch
135 pounds and 17% bodyfat, ready for bikini and model shoot ;)
Workout: Metabolic Circuit plus HIIT 6x/week; Steady State/Endurance 2x/week; Outside and Play 1x/week
Diet: Meat, Eggs, Veggies, Fruit
Compliance: 90%
End Goal: 17% bodyfat by May 30

Month Six: June 1-30
Maintenance Man: At Goal, Now to Keep It
Workout: Metabolic Circuit 5x/week, Outside and Play 2x/week
Diet: Intuitive eating, enjoy seasonal fruits and veggies

I'll post January's workouts either today or tomorrow. They'll require a bit of floor space and a kettlebell. If you didn't notice, every month is a Metabolic Circuit. I do have a gym membership that I should use, so I may get to the gym and actually lift weights, but I'll likely just follow the plan. It's these metabolic circuits that are causing my bootcamp clients to lose 1 mm of bodyfat per week (or more, some have pulled off 5 mm in one week!), which is why I'm using them. My clients also are given a superset-style weight workout and HIIT workout each month that they're asked to do outside of class, so I'll also include that in the workouts even though my plan doesn't call for them.

See what I mean when I said I was keeping it simple? It'll be hard and intense, but not confusing. I'm leaving carb/protein ratios in the dust behind me. That's probably the smart thing to do.

I'll probably end up using a lot of protein powder, smoothies, etc. I might even plan for a nutrition bar or two. It's cold outside, and that means I'll rely a lot on warm/hot foods during the colder months.

If you said you were with me on this thing, let me see you commit on your blog!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Planning Stages

Well, I just wanted to quickly write that I'm in the planning stages for the next six months of my life. I'm getting really clear on it, but keeping it simple too. I tried getting too complicated last time, and that just didn't work. Hopefully my life doesn't get completely thrown through the cement mixer this time, either.

So here's to the next six months!

I'll do a look back at the past decade this week too. Probably not here (or if anything, just the highlights), but it's been a pretty amazing last ten years. To give a teaser: New Year's Eve 1999, I was 19 years old, in college, and had just started dating my now-husband. Two high school friends, my then-boyfriend, and I rented a hotel room and celebrated with illegal drinks (none of us were of age) and the thought that, just maybe, something spectacular was going to happen with the turn of the millenium. That's still the question: did something spectacular happen? Well, from my perspective, 2000-2009 have been pretty amazing years. I'll drink to my twenties!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Huge-Ass Support

As a trainer, I find myself giving support out to others all the time. However, I rarely take in any support for myself when I have fat loss goals. I do that to a lot of other areas of my life as well, so it's obviously a common theme with me.

So, I've gotten to a point where I realize I really need support. And I mean REALLY. I keep taking steps, but I don't do them with any consistency. I let other things get in the way- teaching, getting projects done, etc. I HAVEN'T been following my own advice: eating properly, exercising daily. The fat loss that was starting a few weeks ago has stalled, and I know it's my own fault.

I have a hard time approaching others for help, and am more likely to give it out than let myself receive it in return.

HOWEVER. It is time for me to ask for help. Whether it's this blog, or hiring a trainer, following the Warp Speed Fat Loss program to the letter, following the Precision Nutrition to the letter, or just designing something myself and having someone check in with me daily/weekly that I've got something invested in, what have you.

A couple years ago the FAT Coalition did a month-long contest where everyone contributed $10 and the person who had the best results won the pot. It didn't quite end on the best terms, but it was helpful for me to push myself during the Christmas season.

Right now my ball keeps starting and stopping, or at the very least, rolling VERY slowly. I don't like it and am ready to change that.

So what am I saying? I don't know. I want help, but I'm stubborn, always thinking I can do it on my own. Not the best team player.

But if you haven't noticed, this blog has basically died, and with it the hopes of attaining 147 lb by Christmas. That's a pity party I know. I need to get off my high horse and take real, consistent, designed action. Otherwise, nothing's going to happen.

Anyway, if anyone is still reading this, I had an idea. Google Wave is awesome. It's more than awesome, it's amazing. And its support capabilities are endless. Think IM, blog, email, social media, all wrapped into one. If you've used it already you're likely as excited about it as I am. If not, get an invite and get on then look me up (carrie DOT moritz AT googlewave DOT com). I think a Google Wave support group would be awesome. Hold each other accountable. Give updates. Of course, that requires us to take action and be accountable. It's a lot easier to ignore email/blogs than it is to ignore the person in the grocery store who you attend support group with. AA for weight lossers who are off the bandwagon and somewhere back there on the road, maybe.

So here's what I propose: I am looking for a group of 5-8 people, and we're going to get TIGHT. We are going to line up goals and rewards. We're going to Wave on a daily basis. We are going to hold each other accountable- through phone, email, GoogleWave, etc. We're going to form a circle and we won't let each other go. We are going to get together for six months- no more, no less. It's going to start January 1, 2010 officially, but will start to ramp up before that. In those six months, we are going to do what it takes to once and for all reach our goals. Boom. Done. Just like that. We'll encounter obstacles and face them together. We'll work out together if need be (virtually, of course). I'll ask for help, and if I stop asking for help and start giving advice that I'm not following, you'll be able to kick me in the pants. I'll set something up where maybe I have to give you lots of money if I don't accomplish my goal, although that might backfire if you get greedy ;)

So let me know ASAP if you want to be part of this group. I'm opening it up to more than just the FAT Coalition folks.