Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Resting!

I originally wanted to title the post "recovery sucks," but that's just a bad way to finish off the day. I started off with my workout today and found that I definitely was not recovered from my chiropractic appointment yesterday- my heart rate jumped waaay too high after only the first time around the first circuit. I gave up and got on the bike, pedaled pokey and easy for 40 minutes, then did some isometric training- planks (1 min), side planks (1 min each), push-up holds (10 sec x 3 times), squat holds (2 times x 5 squats), prone cobra (3 min), and lots of stretching the front of my body, some back and legs stretching.

As for kcals, I let myself go too long between meals and fudged up supper. I rather enjoyed the pizza and the ice cream; it feels good to eat those every once in a while. I topped off the calorie counter at 21oo. My max kcals are 2300, but my goal for today was 1800, so tomorrow I'll be back down to 1400, with a goal of 40% protein and 40% carbs.

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