Monday, April 2, 2007

Weekend of No Return

The weekend is over, and it was one where we spent about two minutes total at home. I enjoyed hanging out with friends, but I know I ate way too much food. I tried Baklava for the first time yesterday, and it's evil and addicting. I ate more than I care to admit (3 pieces), and got a stomach ache afterward from all the butter. I've felt bloated all day today. This coming weekend is Easter, and although I'm not someone who goes all out on a holiday, I definitely enjoy my food, so I'll have to watch it. My deadline is approaching! One week down, four to go. That's it. Four weeks. It seems wrong somehow...

I finished the 7 Pounds e-book. I like Joshua Hillis' work, and I'll definitely try the program after I'm finished with Afterburn, but it's not real streamlined. I can see a personal trainer definitely getting results using it with clients, but not someone who is operating on their own- it requires too much self-discipline that way.

Nutrition is, of course, the most important aspect to losing those last few pounds. One has to get extremely disciplined. Craig Ballantyne suggested taking out all grain products to have the best results, and getting all carbs from fruits and vegetables. He stuck oatmeal on that list! If I can't have my morning cereal, at least let me have my oatmeal...! Not more than two weeks ago, I tried taking all gluten out of my diet for one week, to see if that would help alleviate some digestive problems. I lasted 3 days before caving. Outside of my cereal, I don't eat a lot of grain products anyway (bread, pasta, most of the bottom of the old food pyramid), but sometimes I just have to get something in me that is energy dense. Tonight I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and I haven't had one of those in at least a month. At any rate, it is cereal and oatmeal that I enjoy in the morning, and will not likely be kicking those to the side anytime soon.

On the subject of nutrition, BACON! I hate bacon. Of course, I eat it, and don't mind the taste if it was cooked on the George Foreman grill, but I really hate how I feel after I eat it (bloated and not happy), and of course, it makes everything in the house SMELL. I'm on that subject because bacon was cooked in my house this morning, I had 3 slices, and with that and the baklava, it's no wonder I felt so icky today. I've decided I'm going to live on apples and oranges tomorrow.

"Bacon!...It's a long shot." -Lord of the Bean, VeggieTales

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