Thursday, April 5, 2007

Finding Peace with McDonalds

If you know me at all, you know that I am NOT into big-box stores, large chains, and franchises (I will, however, use them about as often as the next guy. That doesn't mean I have to LIKE it!). One of the mortal enemies is McDonalds for reason stated above and for two other reasons: 1) read "Fast Food Nation" and 2) healthy food? What's that?

However, one CAN find peace with McDonalds without blowing their budget (or waistband), it's just a matter of making choices and being happy with the ones that were made. It's crazy, I should be mad at myself for even eating there, but I'm not, because I only managed to take in 250 calories total while I was there, and it did not throw anything off for today. And I did not have any of the salads(!!), I actually had Chicken McNuggets and Apple Dippers (skip the caramel dip). A 6-piece McNuggets is only 250 cals (only the fat sucks at 15 grams and 1.5 g of transfats, meaning it cannot be a regular thing to eat) and the Apple Dippers are only 35 cals (100 with the dip). I then went grocery shopping and two hours later had a "real" supper of shredded wheat and boiled egg whites. Kinda amazing, for me. Not that long ago I would've been drooling at the worst stuff on the menu and made the worst choice without a second thought. However, it does help that I ate three times this afternoon, although I was very hungry by the time supper came around. Came out today at 1700 kcals, with amazing percentages of 49%Carb, 31%Pro, and 20%Fat!

Feeling good. My goal for tomorrow is to get more fruit/veggies in (I got 6 in today, so perhaps that's good for right now). Tomorrow night will be eating out- we'll cross that bridge when we get to it!

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