Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Powerful Things

Boy, those deadlines sure are powerful. I'd been craving pizza all day today (Wed has been pizza night for me and my daughter), but because I knew that I had only 26 days left, there's really no room to fudge. So I did not have a pizza, but instead a taco salad (which isn't terribly much better, but you get more food for the calories) which was very good. I will say one thing for hamburger and cheese, however:

Anyone who's been congratulating themselves on how well and healthy they are eating, but is consuming a large amount of ground beef (even lean) and cheese (non-fat-reduced) is setting themselves up for a calorie whopper. WOW, it's amazing how many fat grams are in those things, and it really doesn't sink in until one looks at the rest of the day and compares the fat content to other foods.

We still have umpteen pounds of ground beef in the freezer, but I think i'll keep the ingestion of it to a minimum until I reach my goal. It's just amazing what logging calories does for a person...

26 days to go!

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