Thursday, April 12, 2007

What the...?

My testimonial made it onto Alwyn Cosgrove's blog- wow! You can see it here. Crazy...

I've been completely thrown off my rocker this week by one thing and then another, hence the title. My daughter's been sick, I was nearly snowed in at my in-laws, and now, it seems, I have picked up Plantar Fascitis. *Growling and muttering* So my running has been stopped before it really got started going! It was weird, too, I had noticed a pain in my foot right after work and decided to work out through it, since things get pinched every once in a while. There was a gal I work out with and she was there, telling me all about her chronic PF. I didn't even want to bring up the pain in my foot b/c it made me look like a hypochondriac! Went to the chiro today and he noticed it right away. He worked on it some, told me to ice it, and come back next week. Alright, fine, but tell me what's causing it in the first place!

I have had a total of two cardio workouts this week and no weightlifting beyond the small bodyweight stuff I did at home tonight. Maddening, because I was actually noticing progress in the right direction on Saturday and was hoping to pick it up again this week. I refuse to extend my deadline. At last count, it was 26 days left. After today, there are officially...18 days until May 1. Just over two weeks left. Don't PANIC... I can still do this! There was plenty of progress in the last two weeks. In fact, I'll photo tomorrow morning and show off.