Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Chocolate can be one of my absolute weaknesses. Not all the time, but every so often, it's almost like a hypnosis suggestion- I may know better, but I just can't help myself.

I can also blame that time of the month.

So, the awful truth...I went through 3 Lindor truffles and 1 bite-sized hershey today.

However, my workout was awesome, my waist is officially down at least 1/2 an inch while my hips are down 3/4 of an inch since one month ago, and I have been doing really well this last week with eating. So. Am I justified? Only my results can tell- no results, then no justification. However, every so often, chocolate hits. Then- I drink some water and get over it.

I'm finishing off my strawberries tomorrow, but the grocery store ad said today that 4lb packages are on sale... I may be making a return trip later this week.

Note to self: grains are the gas culprit- the more grains I eat, the worse the digestive issues. Keeping grains to a minimum sounds like a great idea. However, I've also noticed that peanut butter/peanuts and fish oil are causing some issues too. Harrumph. I'll beat this thing.

Note to the Universe: get rid of my cold, please- it's annoying more than anything!

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