Monday, April 16, 2007

Sugar High

After a crazy, sugar-high weekend, I'm back to normal today (without Fitdaying...). I did a weight workout, followed by a HIIT workout, and ate almost super-clean today. Yesterday I did a HIIT workout and then raked parts of the yard that were looking pretty tattered. Both HIIT's were on the elliptical, and my heel seems to be on the mend, as it did not hurt too badly yesterday; while it bugged me today, it was not enough to stop me.

The reason for the sugar? All-day wedding stuff on Saturday, in which I consumed more sugar in one day (whether actual sugar or in the form of white carbs) than I usually do in two weeks' time- wow, I actually NEEDED the protein I got at the dinner that night. My body was begging for it, seriously!

Well, I'm off to eat something before going to bed. Hmm...

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