Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

An early Happy Turkey Day to all in the US; right now I'm about 6 hours from home and am having an interesting week! I've worked out hard so far this week, and I plan to try and get some types of workouts in while I'm here- bodyweight mostly, or long walks.

I was able to use the travel hours to write some more of the book I'm writing for, the website I mentioned last week. I'm going to have the book ready to go in Mid-December, and am looking for feedback on what I have written so far (as well as the website). If you sign up at the site for the first chapter, you can get that, plus whatever I send as it progresses- if you're lucky, you may just get the whole book for free, as long as you're willing to provide feedback.

Otherwise, I may just be disappearing the rest of this week, as who knows when I'll be able to access the net. Enjoy the holiday, and if you're like me, enjoy the food but don't go overboard!

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Marcol said...

Hope you had a great holiday and long weekend. THAThealthyperson seems to be shaping right on up. Youre on to something cant wait to see what this will produce for ya.