Saturday, November 17, 2007

Drooling over a new workout program....

Josh Hillis, author of The Last Stubborn 7 Pounds workout program (highly effective) is working on a new workout program called Fighter Workouts for Fat Loss. If you are female and haven't done the Stubborn 7 workout yet, you can get it here, and watch as your bodyfat% drops in 8 weeks (that takes you to New Years!) However, you can get 6 workouts free if you go to the Fighter Workouts for Fat Loss webpage and enter your email address.

Why do I recommend the Stubborn 7? Well, I charged into that one full-blast after I finished Afterburn, and it was actually a relief! Don't get me wrong, the workouts were tough as nails but a little easier on the body and did more for strength-building while also burning the fat. I also continued to move down in inches while doing this program, and I used it as a way to gain strength for the canoe trip I embarked on in July (in which I carried canoes on my shoulders for 20-70 rods (canoe lengths) without getting too winded)- canoes are 75 lbs and you're moving over rocky terrain, if you've never portaged in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota before. Josh's style is also similar to Craig Ballantyne's, so it's a bonus if you're a fan of Turbulence Training.

So, if you've "done" Afterburn, are female, and are looking for something to get you through until New Years, then go get Josh Hillis' Stubborn 7 program. And be on the lookout for the release of his Fighter Workouts program. You can see a preview of a Fighter workout here:

After this video, of course I'm drooling! It looks insane and lots of fun!


Kristen said...

Oh, I wish my gym had kettlebells!!! That looks like great workout. I like the simple but intense idea, and tend to gravitate towards those kinds of exercises! Thanks for the info Carrie.

Carrie said...

You can do this with a dumbbell or a gripper plate (the plates that have rectangular "holes" in them along the edges). No excuses! *grin*

Marcol said...

Im about to start a program by Alwyn that calls for this kettlebell/dumbell swing in one of the routines for 10 minutes. BIG fun :)