Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The one thing I NEED to do:

Plan a menu and not deviate from it, no matter what.

It’s funny how I decide that, and KNOW it, but still don’t do it. Strange how the mind works, eh? I’ve been finding myself diving into little things the last two days, and can’t help but wonder why I sabotage myself. I have a goal, I WANT that goal, and yet- sigh.

December is my month. It’s started a week early, but I’m calling it my December Journey. It’s going to consist of 4 weight workouts a week, high intensity interval training 5 days per week, and any bodyweight workouts I can fit in between. Planning my menu is going to be key. I’m going to survive off as many vegetables as I can stomach. I’m going to survive finals AND get my e-book written.

Do I have too many goals?

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Rob Tucker said...

Wow, I could have written that blog.

Totally relate. I don't know why - it's not that I don't want it, desire it, and think I'm worth it. Yet, I keep sabotaging myself in the food category.

We need to figure that out - perhaps lock each others fridges with huge electro-magnetic locks?

I hear you on the goals - sometimes there are too many that it gets blurry - but if you have the drive that you seem like you do, you'll make the best of it.

We all definitely could use more veggies.