Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Not Much

Well, after the last two exciting days, I don't have much to write about already that you don't know about- busy at work and school, etc. I didn't eat much today; part of it was poor planning and most of it was the fact that my schedule got made up as I went (which is the normal case with me, no matter what, since I'm too nice to everyone at my gym sometimes). I got in a quick 25 minute workout this morning, the TT Intermediate Core workout.

I will admit that everyone and their Mom is signing up for a gym membership right now, since it's gotten cold around here. It's fun, but repetitive to do orientations again and again. Sometimes I would just prefer that people be required to sign up for at least two personal training sessions to get their orientation session. However, I also want everyone to be successful in their workout program and not start off "on the wrong foot," so to speak. So, I do orientations and answer questions and wonder how the fitness industry keeps so many people so ignorant for so long. I think it's time to go beyond "workout because it's good for your health" or "to increase your activity level, park farther away from the door". But how? That's the really good question.

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