Sunday, September 30, 2007

Caught Again!

I got caught again on how things were going. wink I haven’t even written in my blog since Wednesday, and since I’m usually a daily, it means one of two things: either things aren’t going the way I want them to, or I got busy and things aren’t going the way I want them to.

Wednesday- workout, good eats
Thursday- no workout, fairly good eating
Friday- Ate two bowls of Lucky Charms, got way too much fiber in all the other food I ate Thursday and Friday and suffered the ill effects, no workout
Saturday-went to a Renaissance Festival, decided to survive off a lack of food rather than eat through $100 ($5 for a hamburger or a soup!), walked all day
Sunday- still not really eating on target

Does this mean that I’m eating too many or too few calories? No, it doesn’t, since I often eat at maintenance when I’m not thinking about it or don’t have a plan. I will admit to A LOT of munchie feelings yesterday though, which is why I just generally didn’t eat anything beyond Shredded mini wheats for breakfast, a popover for morning snack, a hamburger with lettuce for lunch, and a fish/baked potato/green beans/oreo shake for supper. So, four meals yesterday, likely totaled to be 1800-2000 calories (the shake wink)

So, goal for this week (and October, since it starts tomorrow- wow!) is to plan meals again, this time, I’m going to see if I can get a day or two of 8 meals per day. Workout-wise, I’m trying to decide if I want to do my own, or continue with Turbulence Training, which I'm leaning toward. As seen above, I've been trying to get my fiber content up, and that includes a dose of FiberSure, lots of beans, and the inclusion (key: hiding) of veggies in my meals.

My brain is trying to work itself around some information that's been presented to me time and time again, and that's the fact that nutrition makes so much of a difference in weight loss that it may not matter if you're at the requisite caloric deficit, what matters is that your body is working at its most efficient and capable (Berardi's G-flux), which means mostly that the body is getting its fiber and nutrients and that the nutrition is entering into the cells without too much trouble. There are different theories out there as to why so many people are not processing their food very efficiently anymore (my thoughts lean to the processed food, high GI carbs, and trans fats that are so predominant in today's food). Part of the reason why I'm thinking about it today is the article Tom Venuto wrote in his Burn the Fat blog. Brad Pilon also presents some interesting thoughts on why 3500 calories isn't always what it seems. Anyone else for renegade nutrition? So here's the real kicker: IF I'm starting to believe that calories are not just calories, how do I present that to clients? Especially if it has taken me so many kicks to get my own head wrapped around it? Another reason I'm thinking about it is the fact that I basically lost 5 pounds in three weeks by doing one thing different from usual (besides the Turbulence Training workout): planning for- and eating- 6 times per day. Don't get me wrong, when I usually have meals planned, they are better than the meals I eat when things aren't planned, but not that much different. So that means I'm generally taking in the same amount of calories, planned or unplanned. However, the composition of meals may be a bit different, and I don't have the days of "up" calories that I have when unplanned. Oi.

So specific goals for October:
Hit 150 by October 15
Plan meals each week, inserting at least two days of 8 times a day meals
Work out 5 times per week
Decide on and make a costume for Halloween

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