Saturday, September 8, 2007


Why ISN'T my eating where I want it to be? How is it that I allowed myself to stay off track for the last couple of days? Did I think I deserved any junk food? Yes, actually, I believe I did think I deserved it, because I was sick, poor me, earlier this week, and I was off anyway, so what was the point of "being good"?

Yeah, I just re-read my previous post after reading some of Marcol's posts and thought, what is up? I'm back to the EXCUSES! No more. At least for today. It'll definitely be a constant battle. Supper tonight is EFL meatloaf (turkey meatloaf, yum) with a veggie. I'll mix up more of my banana smoothie "ice cream" and feel good about that.

I definitely noticed how I craved sweet things when I couldn't taste anything. A couple of times I caught myself rummaging or wanting to rummage in the kitchen, and had to realize that I was only searching for something because my brain was trying to taste something. Psychology. Or psycho. Whichever is preferred.

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