Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back on Alwyn's Blog again!

I found this today: Your last excuse just went back to school. Yep, my testimonial is again on Alwyn's blog. I nearly fell over, really. Now, do you know how that makes me feel? On the one hand, I feel awesome- my results from Afterburn truly were real and exhilarating, and it's been easy to maintain those losses-most of my pants still really don't fit that well because they're too big. On the other, I'm still not where I want to be for goal body comp (last measurement had me somewhere between 24-25%). So in a way, I feel like I let myself down. However, it's also very motivating. I've got a really sore throat today and feel somewhat dizzy when I'm up and walking around, but ibprofen really helps take the edge off. I may go do a workout now, although I will have to see how it will go.

Menu is half-planned for this week, and there are lots of healthy leftovers in the fridge. Today's lunch was a pork chop w/ bbq sauce and a baked potato. Breakfast was only FiberOne. I believe that my stomach wants more, but my throat just can't get it down, so I stop eating more out of pain and frustration than satisfaction or full-ness.

As for yesterday, I took the day off. It was Labor day, and I had lots of fun. My food choices weren't the greatest, but I didn't eat much of anything. I spent most of the day on my feet, either standing or walking around.

Now, of course, I've been challenged by Alwyn again. Except that I'm a week ahead of him this time! ha! This month's goal is to keep my eating at 90%, with the side effect of dropping 5 pounds (of course, that would mean weighing myself. hmm). I also have the goal to do 10 chin-ups unassisted by the end of the next 16 weeks. So, with 90% in mind, that means that yesterday was included and thus makes for an interesting weekend this coming one, since we will be traveling. I think I'll challenge myself. I will enjoy the healthy food choices.

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Dave said...

I am glad you had great results from the Afterburn program. I am starting it on Monday (did day 1 workout today though) and am hoping to have similar results.