Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Today’s Priority List:
Workout Today? Yes/No
Planned workout today? Yes/No
Planned meals for today? Yes/No
Followed plan for meals? Yes/No
Healthy food choices today? Yes/No _90___% (__5__ out of 6 meals) *skipping meals denotes unhealthy food choice
Enjoyed my family today? Yes/No
Succeeded for school today? Yes/No *Homework? I’ve got a house to clean wink

Today went much better than yesterday. I’ve got a lot of people holding me up, and it’s great to have some shoulders to lean on when I need them. Thank you! (You know who you are.) I did a workout, didn’t push myself to the absolute max but still got the muscles pooped. I’m beginning to realize that here are two VERY important things for me: 1) plan the menu 2) eat often. I tend to crave sugar when my blood sugar’s been dropped at any point during the day, so I can’t let that happen. Good thing to know!

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