Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Goal Accomplished!

Well, besides the fact that the beginning of this week has been thrown completely off, I managed to weigh in yesterday at 154! Woohoo! I have officially made my 5 lbs goal for this month.

Here's a synopsis: daughter has strep (yes same one I had) along with bronchial "stuff" (possibly about to turn into bronchitis but they couldn't pin it down). Been lucky to make it to class, let alone check my email, write a menu, or even workout *blech*. I am still continuing to make many healthy choices, but definitely not 100%. I hope to get back to this later today to do a full priority-check. Workout will likely be at-home bw.

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Marcol said...


Reaching goals on schedule always leaves a great feeling. Woohoooo is right :)