Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Snow Day

We had a snow day yesterday (seriously), and it's amazing how little one gets done on those days. Of course, it didn't help that we had company who were stranded. Anyhow, extended weekend for me!

Yesterday's food log:
B: 1 small cinnamon roll (biscuit-sized), 2 oz orange juice
Snack: 1 slice homemade whole wheat bread, 2 tbsp PB, 1.5 cups milk
L: 4 WW flaxseed pancakes, 3 oz ham
Snack: apple and 2 slices cheese
Supper: Tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwich, 7 crackers
Snack: skipped, not hungry

15 min walking (over snow, against wind, lots of fun)
30 min snow shoveling (wet and heavy stuff)
20 min snowball fight, walking

I feel like I took it easy in the workout dept yesterday, but it was fun having a snowball fight. The snow was perfect for that- sticky and heavy- not so great for easy shoveling. After that, my daughter and I wandered around the place, "exploring". Very sweet. She had fun outside yesterday.

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