Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another 24 hours

So here it is Sunday and I haven't posted in, what, 4 days again? I believe Beck is now ahead of me in the Girl Power Challenge regarding posts... :)

I did another 24 hour fast on Thursday, starting Wed evening and ending Thurs with supper. It went okay- I chewed gum, drank water, and kept myself busy all day. I also kept my 145 weigh-in, although I didn't get to weigh-in on Friday. I believe that Skwigg was right when she said that intermittent fasting may be the easiest way for someone who is close to goal weight to get off those final pounds, because usually if you're close to goal, you've got to do some major tweaking and carb cycling in order to see any results- and even then they happen slowly at best. With intermittent fasting, I dropped 2 pounds in one week and (combined with the massage) helped the constant bloat go away that I've been experiencing lately (more on that when I can approach the subject without grossing someone out).

So, about Friday: we had- you guessed it- another snow day. In April. Man, it's a weird spring so far. I worked on the final dregs of my thesis (it's done!), baked a cake, and did a bit of laundry. So it was a good cake, very chocolate-y, and of course I've had some. I'll have to see about freezing the rest of it so I don't try and "finish" it this week.

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