Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Morning

Thursday's log:
B- 2 eggs, over easy, w/ bit of butter; 2/3 cup FiberOne cereal w/ 1/2 cup milk
S1-Strawberry protein shake w/ whey protein, milk, and strawberries
L-rest of Asian stir fry, 1 slice choc cake (fought hard to not eat a second one, but I did it)
Fast, beginning @ noon
Workout: KBW, HIIT 20 min elliptical

Friday's log:
Fast until noon
L-PBJ sandwich, apple, 8 oz milk, 1 slice choc cake
S2-1 oz cheese, palmful pumpkin seeds
Supper-Jimmy Johns Slim 5 sandwich, 1/4 sm. bag BBQ chips, 20 oz diet coke
S3-1 slice choc cake, banana, 4 prunes
Workout: packing for rummage sale, swordplay

So that chocolate cake was my bane this week. I should have tossed it out, but instead I tossed it down my gullet this week. Lesson learned. No more baked goodies!

I went swimsuit shopping yesterday and walked out disgusted with myself. More because I'm not where I want to be, and I've just been fighting myself and letting me win more often than not lately, than because I didn't find a suit I liked. The suit choices around here are insanely small. I'm gonna have to get down to SF to find one and have any choices. At any rate, I won't allow myself to go shopping again until May 15 or so.

I also need to stop fighting with myself. Just make the meal plan, follow it like a zombie, and throw out any food that might tempt me. I liked the week of tough workouts. Felt a bit worn down, so I know that I won't be able to do it too much longer, but I believe I will definitely keep it up this coming week.

As for right now, I'm on a weekend. Don't allow my hubby to talk me into bad eating choices. More packing, getting ready for a rummage sale, etc. Here I go!

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