Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pannekoekens Anyone?

Alright, so I hope no one tried the pancake recipe I posted the other day, because it was wrong! I made them again this morning and noticed that I should have consulted the book when I typed it out. So, here it is:

(First off, I spelled/said it wrong- Pannekoeken- pann-a-kuk-en)

Recipe (serves 3-6):
6 eggs, beaten
2 cups milk
1/2 tsp. salt (EDIT: I accidentally put flour here, it's supposed to be salt)
1/2 cup flour

Add milk and salt to eggs. Using fast whisk, slowly add in flour. Grill on hot grill (I used a small skillet) using butter (I used cooking spray, just make sure it has a high smoke point). I also added some sugar to sweeten them up a bit. 1-2 tbsp does the trick. Halving the recipe, or doubling it, works very well.

As for this week, it has been utterly crazy. My great-grandmother passed away, and while it was time for her to go and it hasn't been too emotional for me, it still has left a crazy schedule in its wake, with traveling and family obligations. I don't feel like I've gotten back on track yet.

I've been avoiding workouts this week, as my left foot is being a complete pain in the- well, you get the point. I've been trying to stay off it. Fifteen minutes on the elliptical yesterday was about enough to put me in tears. It's progressively been getting worse. Even the massage this morning on it didn't seem to do much. True to reflexology point of view, it's also doing a good job of messing up other things in my body. Not cool. So, interesting week so far.

I'm hoping to get a bike ride in later, if the wind doesn't push me over when I get out there. Man, I'm wishing I'd had time to get out this morning, it was beautiful then.


Anonymous said...

i was just curious so i enterd the recipe into a calculator. did you know that if this is 6 servings, its 228mg of cholesterol?

just wondering if you knew, thats all.

Carrie said...

That would be the eggs, most likely. Enter the same amount of eggs into that calculator and you're likely to come up with a similar number.

What I like about them is the protein-to-carb ratio, and the fact that adding good stuff (like fruit and flaxseed, cinnamon, etc.) is so easy. And they're tasty.

If you're worried about cholesterol, you can try them with egg beaters and they'll work just fine.