Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The New TT Forums

I did a bit of looking at the new Turbulence Training forums this evening, something I haven't done before (I usually go after the new workouts with a voracious appetite, a bit like tunnel-vision, and forget about the forums). They're actually really neat, with discussions about nutrition, muscle building, fat loss, and the Oh-So-Famous Transformation Contest. That contest is starting to wrap up, and people are seeing some great results from it. That's pretty awesome, in my opinion. I can't even remember what the grand prize is, but hey, even those who don't get the grand prize are still winners- they're likely to be able to wear their bikini's this summer, or take off their shirts, without embarrassment. Kinda like the FAT Coalition forum, the TT forum is not quite as big as some of those weight-loss forums out there, so you're likely to be making new friends and building a great personal support system. You also get personal answers from the guru himself, Craig Ballantyne (who was on-line at the same time I was) and plenty from "old-timers"- those who have been at the forums for awhile.

It sounds like Craig is gearing up for a great big Turbulence Training birthday celebration come the beginning of May, but by then it's almost swimsuit season. I'm thinking that if you're having a hard time sticking to your exercise program, or aren't seeing any results from your current program, then it's time to try something new- and in my opinion, Turbulence Training is it. I love Craig's style of workouts and have been using them almost exclusively with myself and clients (with some exceptions for different goals of course) with great results. Turbulence Training works. It's quick, simple, and only takes 45 minutes per workout. Check it out, you've got nothing to lose (except the excess- ah, I won't go there)!

*Plug paid for by the Friends of Those Who Need to Make Money, LLC. ;)
**Nah, I actually just really like the program. And the forums really are neat. Did I mention that you get three months free when you purchase Turbulence Training through that nifty little link right there? ;)

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