Monday, April 14, 2008

This Week's Plan

I have a plan for this week, and I'm going to write it down real quick before I get too busy. Here it is:

--Workouts every day this week. I'm mad that I missed Friday last week, because I was working so hard on my paper and we had a snow day, so no gym for me (quiet, Ripx, I've gotten quite good at ignoring those kettlebells next to the desk ;) So, workout plan: K1, HIIT, and 30-min circuit today, KBW and HIIT tomorrow, K2, HIIT, and 30-min circuit Wed., 20-min HIIT and 45-min SS on Thur, and K2 with KBW on Friday. I'm kicking those workouts out this week.

--Since the IF went so well for me last week, I'm going to do it again this week. I'll be fasting noon to noon today through tomorrow and repeating it again Wed evening through Thurs evening. The rest of the plan entails eating as healthy as possible on what we have.

On that note, I've also been looking at my cupboards, fridge, and freezer. We have exactly one month to clean them out (and I mean literally, get rid of EVERYTHING) before the move. We will be putting everything into storage for three months (June, July and most of August) while I'm up at the camp, so any food stuff we have will either have to be eaten, given away, or tossed. That will definitely make the eating plan very interesting over the next month. We will be making sure that we're buying only what's essential in the food dept. and can be finished quickly. Lots of planning will have to be involved, I think. This week's goal is to take an inventory of what we have, post it on the fridge, and make menus from it.

I'll also clean the cupboards while I'm at it. Believe it or not, it took cleaning the bathroom this weekend to make me realize that perhaps I should start the deep cleaning on the house now, so that all I'll have to do when we move out is the cursory once-over. LOL. I can be so thick sometimes :)


Beck said...

I love your dedication!! Just be careful not to overwork yourself. Your body needs time to re-energize. Six days a week at the gym is plenty. Take a day off...let your body recuperate. :)

Good luck on the food front. It's hard enough to plan when you don't have to throw a three-month hiatus in the mix!

Carrie said...

Thanks for catching that, Beck! I often forget that how I think "week" is how everyone else thinks "work week". So no, I didn't mean all seven days, I only meant my normal 5! I'm just throwing a few extra workouts into those 5 days. ;)