Thursday, April 17, 2008

What I tell clients...

What I tell clients if this occurs:
-scale stays the same or within 5 pounds of normal
-clothes fit fine
-no difference can really be seen in the body
-measurements go up one inch in most places

I'd tell them that they worked out really hard the day before and are most likely retaining water in their muscles.

Do I believe that when I tell MYSELF that, after it occurs?

I'm trying, I really really am.

The fact is, though, that I'm ticked. I go to measure myself today for the first time since mid-February (first mistake), and all the measurements at waist and below are up by .5-1". I even re-measured, just to make sure I wasn't hitting the wrong spots. So, second mistake: measuring myself the day after a hard-core workout. Third mistake: I definitely have not been strict enough with my eating. I do great for a few days or a few meals, then I either overeat or make a bad food choice. I haven't been getting in post-workout shakes (mistake #4). I've been doing more shoddy with the eating-6-times-per-day thing, and I haven't made a meal plan in about two weeks. Man, off to a great start, aren't I?

It's only 10 pounds, but apparently I want it to be the easy ten pounds, because that's how I've been treating it. And it's not. It's the toughest, most hard-ass ten pounds I've ever seen, and it's hard for me to lose weight in the first place! I've been attempting to out-train a crappy diet again, which kinda makes me laugh because a "bad day" in my norm is having one thing out of the ordinary. I'm posting meals again. If I get off it, tell me to post again, and that you forgive me for having a "bad eating day."

Oy. All right. Rant over.

So, yesterday:
B-2 over-easy eggs w/ bit of butter; 2 WW flaxseed waffles w/ strawberries & syrup
S1-apple and peanut butter
L-Large lettuce salad w/ 1 tbsp cheese & 1 tbsp ranch dressing; 1 breadstick; 1 slice pepperoni pizza; 1 slice dessert pizza
S2-piece chocolate cake
Supper-Asian stir-fry with more vegges
S3-piece chocolate cake

K1 workout, normal weights
HIIT, 1 min on/2 min off- .5 mile on the treadmill (w/ 2 intervals), 20 min bike (6 intervals, I believe)
Steady State- bike, level 6, speed 14-16 mph, 20 min
30-min circuit, lightened weights
1/2 hour stretching
(yes, it literally was 2 hours in the gym, started at 4:15 and left at 6:20)

Today's plan:
B- 2 eggs, over easy, w/ bit of butter; 2/3 cup FiberOne cereal w/ 1/2 cup milk
S1-Strawberry protein shake w/ whey protein, milk, and strawberries
L-rest of Asian stir fry
Fast, beginning @ noon
Workout: KBW, HIIT 20 min elliptical

Tomorrow's plan:
Fast until noon
L-Tuna on Ry Krisp, steamed veggies (1 cup)
S2-steamed veggies (1 cup), 2 hardboiled eggs
Supper-chicken parmesan w/ marinara sauce, veggies, potatoes
S3-whey protein pudding, butterscotch
Workout: K2, KBW

If you aren't asleep yet, at least I've got it written down for my benefit. And it's posted so I'll stay accountable. Now, to go get my morning snack.

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Rob Tucker said...

It's SOOOO much easier to give advice than take it, I've found myself feeling that way a lot lately.

You know how this goes, though - work hard, be consistent, eat right, and you'll get results. You may not see them in front of your face today, but it's happening. Keep up the good work!