Friday, April 25, 2008

Wishing it were Spring

One to two feet.


In SD.

Last reports said it was April 25.


Honestly, it's insane. We have now had 3 snow days in the past month and a half, which is 3 more than we had the entire winter. So you may now guess what my workout was today.

It started by raining much of the day yesterday, which didn't make me happy because I was supposed to have a garage sale this Saturday and I was scared it would make our driveway unpass-able. Hee, hee, should have been the least of my worries, as it started sleeting this morning, and snowing in earnest by 10 am. By 3 pm, which is when we ventured outside, it was up to the top of my boots in some places, and up to the knees in others. I do believe it's still going at it outside. Wow.


justin said...

I feel your pain...sorta. We are actually having wonderful weather here, but my whole family is sick with a bad sinus infection. Summer will be here for you soon enough...I hope!

Beck said...

I love snow, but there comes a time i the year when it has to go. It's no longer welcome. Like now, for instance. :)

Hope things warm up for you soon.