Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Strong?

Well, this weekend wasn't a complete failure. I didn't follow protocol 100%, but I didn't break down and eat the house either. Honestly, yesterday's food choices were just higher portion sizes than I should have eaten, and today I chose a couple of items that I really didn't need to. Overall, I didn't crash and burn on the first weekend of the Girl Power Challenge. I'll be happy to get completely back on plan tomorrow, and plan on really seeing some results this week. I kinda felt like last week was a bit "get on track, get rid of the bloat" and had truly seen some great results by this morning. This week, I'm going to drop 2 pounds.

Saturday's Food log:
B: Cheerios, 2 eggs, Fiber
L: 3 Cream of Chicken Sandwiches, 1 3/4 cup Apple-Snicker Salad (eaten late, and ate too much)
Snack: 1 Cadbury Creme Egg
Supper: 3 cheesesticks, 2 slices pepperoni pizza, 1 slice dessert pizza (again, more than I had planned for; we went out to eat the pizza instead of ordering in, and no salad bar was available :P)

Sunday's Food log:
B: Cheerios, 2 eggs, Fiber
Snack: Protein pudding, 1 slice bread with olive oil
L: 1 Steak fajita, 1 slice pineapple
Snack: 3/4 Reeses PB Egg, 1 cup Choc milk, apples w/ PB, 1 slice pineapple (ouch, that hurt to write, but I know I've definitely had worse on game days, and I caught myself scrounging a couple of times and stopped)
Supper: 1 slice homemade pepperoni pizza, 1 cup orange soda

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