Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Wimp

Not so good weigh-in today: 150.0. Never thought I'd see that number again. I'm guessing I have been having too much fun not watching what I'm eating over the last few days, so it's obviously time to rein it back in. Sigh. Maintenance is a constant battle; losing weight when you truly just want to maintain is even tougher.

Which is true, actually. I do just want to be in maintenance mode. There's nothing in me right now, as I have been focusing as much energy as possible into my paper and my marriage (which is a lot better after this weekend, thank goodness).

I was at my parents' house this weekend, and they have a bathroom of mirrors. Seriously. Three walls have these huge, full-length mirrors that are very interesting, and they give a pretty objective view of yourself when you're getting ready to shower (all I have is a fun-house mirror in my bedroom and a tiny medicine cabinet mirror in my bathroom). I look pretty danged good if I do say so myself. Not that 20% bf person I truly want to be, but definitely no more 170+, 26-28% bf fatty that I'd seen myself as for so many years.

So I look good, but I still haven't accomplished my goal. And my hubby doesn't want me to stop before I reach my goal, because he knows how coming this far has done wonders for my self-esteem. So, although one part of me wants to be in maintenance mode, the other part says "Hell no!" And that side will more than likely be the one that wins out, because it's my stubborn side and it doesn't always know when to quit.

And I've got to figure out some way of getting my sister to stop saying that I look anorexic. Any ideas?


Rob Tucker said...

Slap your sister in her face?

Seriously - if it's bothering you and you two have a good relationship, let her know that it bothers you. Tell you appreciate her concern, but your goal is to be healthy and within limits. Let her know that you are under control and have a good healthy mindset and show her what you are doing so she knows you aren't 'anorexic', even if it's just a term.

If that doesn't work, slap her in the face. You know I love me a good chick fight ;)

Will Phillips said...

I gotta agree with Rob. I don't know how you and your sis' relationship is, but I'd just tell her that her quips are really getting to you and to just can it.

Then, if that doesn't work, I'd definitely slap her. That's what I'd do to my sis! ;)

(BTW: I've got a new blog address:

Carrie said...

Thanks for the new blog addy, Will! It should be changed in the blog roll, but I'll double-check.

Yeah, my sis and I have a pretty good relationship. I know most of it boils down to jealousy, but she always says it to others so I can't just bring it up at that moment. I'll have to approach her about it at some point.