Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Strange Thoughts

Some off-the-track thoughts for you tonight, mostly because I'm again tired and haven't got bleep done all night (well, except for the dishes).

Joe Vitale wrote a great blog post today about making money $$. Having been a college student for what seems like most of my adult life- oh yeah, all but two years so far- I'm pretty well sick of living at or under the poverty line. We're ready to buy a house, but my student loans may prevent that from happening. As it is, I did some figuring and realized that we've always spent about 45% of our income on rent, and a mortgage won't let you spend more than 36% of your income on payment. Interesting. So anyway, his post was about making money, and the limiting beliefs that you may have in your unconsciousness that stop you from getting what you want with the Law of Attraction. Well, I realized I have all those limiting beliefs, and then some. Mostly it comes down to me not wanting to be selfish and materialistic, because that's what I was raised with (my mother was both, and still fights it very hard today, but had a nervous breakdown about a year ago that started forcing her to finally look at those issues). So I had to write each of them down, in the negative, and remind myself WHY making money is NOT a bad thing.

Here they are:
1. Money is NOT evil
--You can do so many good things with money
--Further-reaching impact on the world

2. Money will NOT attract problems
--YOU attract the problems. It's up to you NOT to.
--You are smart and level-headed and would prefer to create solutions.

3. Money will NOT make me a selfish person
--YOU make yourself a selfish person.

4. Wanting money is NOT greedy.
--See #1.

5. Rich people are NOT snobs
--They do not deserve more than you
--They do not do more than you
--They are not luckier than you
--They are not better-placed than you
--They are not happier than you

So, what about YOU? Can you translate these same things to your weight-loss efforts? Do you have unconscious limiting beliefs that may be stopping you (you may see it materialize as self-sabotage)? Do you think skinny people are luckier than you, or have more choices, or do you believe that spending time in the gym is selfish? What's the first thought that came into your head when I asked that first question? Even if it was only a whisper, and you pushed it down faster than Superman saves Lois Lane, what was that thought? Bring it out. Examine it. Understand why you have it. Then, talk to it. Don't rationalize to it, because it's not rational. Don't justify to it, because it doesn't know what justification is.

No, when you talk to it, love it. Love it with all your heart and soul. Why? Because that's the power behind loving your enemies. It's always love that kills them, not revenge or anger.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

I'm repeating that to myself a lot these days. I'm trying to eke out the part of me that is my own worst enemy.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.



justin said...

Very good post. I have so much debt racked up in student loans for myself and my wife it is crazy. I still have about a year of school left too and so its only going to be worse!

Ripx180 said...

This is a great post... It does stir up allot of thoughts on how I really feel. Points our a few things I should probably work on to. I have said in my head to many times "they are just lucky to have good genetics". Anyway thanks for the thought provoking post.