Thursday, March 13, 2008


The last few days we've been having gorgeous weather. Seriously, like 50 degrees and sun, lack of wind, etc. Considering that last week we were at 10 degrees with a wind chill of -10, we're pretty happy around here.

And of course I am buried in my paper. Sigh.

However, today I took an hour and just went outside with my daughter. Here's the great thing about getting in shape and having a young one- you get to have as much fun as they do, and it doesn't send you to bed immediately afterward! I had a blast playing with her at the park and playground last year, going down slides, hanging off the monkey bars, etc. So today, the two of us went out and played tag. She's tall enough now that it's actually a challenge to catch or run away from her, and we had snow and mud to navigate around. Lots of fun. Then I pushed her on the swing, and we got to "go exploring" in our "woods" (shelterbelt around our house). The cats came with and explored too. ;) I am sooooo happy that spring is basically here, and I'm hoping this warm stuff sticks around. We got kinda burned out on winter this year, with -10 degree or colder days for an entire month in January, and nearly as many in February. Not even warm enough to go play in the snow that we had, which technically fell in December and stuck around (a few more inches here and there, but not enough to really qualify for some good snowfalls). Coldest winter we've had in seven years, apparently.

Anyway, did a quick weigh-in today so I'd stop beating myself up about Monday's weigh-in, and the needle (cough* it's digital, but whatever) stopped at 144.5. A Yes! and a Whew! at the same time. Now if only I could hold that number. It's not like me to have my weight jump around (witness January and Feb hold-out of 147.0-147.5), so it's odd that it's been doing it lately. Perhaps I haven't been drinking enough water. Very possible, I've been averaging approximately 60-64 oz lately when I usually do 80+.


justin said...

I took my daughter and our dog to the park last night to enjoy some of the spring weather. It was a blast. I think I had more fun than they did! I know you are really busy right now, but those little breaks of happiness will keep the stress down some.

Geoff said...

Wait, 50 degrees is warm? That's freezing for me. We've been having weather in the 70s and 80s recently, which is insanely awesome. I honestly don't think I could hang in a climate where snow and cold were the norm. SoCal for the win :)