Monday, March 3, 2008

Dance Jig

You know, for all the complaining that I do (more to my hubby than to the blog) about not getting to the spot I want to be bikini-wise, my body sure is doing some work for me in there somewhere. On Saturday, out of some weird notion, I put on those size 8's (that I bought back in, what, November?) that have been pretty tight- button-able, but too tight to be comfortable.

Well, they fit, and I wore them.

It's official- I'm in a size 8! To celebrate, I went to Kohl's and bought two new pairs of jeans, one a size 8 and the other a 10 (only because they didn't have an 8, and they were the replicate of my absolute favorite pair of jeans, which at a size 14 I can pull up and down without having to unbutton). Very nice.

My sister mentioned to me again this last week that she thought I looked "anorexic" to her. Hmm, not seeing that...

On the workout front, I started Turbulence Training's 2k4 today. Upper/lower split. I may have taken it kinda easy, although I guess it didn't feel too easy while I was doing it. My hip started bothering me during the HIIT, so I only did 12 minutes (1 min on/1 min off) on the treadmill.

Otherwise, nothing but random thoughts today. I feel more normal this week than I did last week, even though the thesis-crunch still isn't over. However, a presentation I was supposed to give next week (and am no where near ready for) got pushed back like 3 weeks, so that helps. This current chapter is also going a little faster and isn't as in-depth. Current chapter is the Emotional Consequences of being overweight as a child/adolescent. Research apparently has a hard time linking overweight with depression, although self-esteem usually is down the drain. My undergrad was in psychology, so that's probably why this chapter's a bit easier. It's an area I'm more familiar with!

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Rob Tucker said...

I'm not going to go on a rant on this - but I hate when people tell you that you look "too anorexic". Try, "hey, you're looking great" or "healthy".

Blah - you're doing great.