Thursday, January 14, 2010


Two weeks down, Two to go this month!

Did my measurements this morning, and they are looking awesome! Here's the rundown so far:

23.75--23.5--23.25 R. Thigh (down .5 total)
41--40.75--40.25 Gluteus (down .75 total)
37--37--36.5 Hips (down .5 total)
30.5--30.5--30 Waist (down .5 total)
33--33--32.75 Chest (down .25 total)
12.75--12.75--12.5 R. Arm (down .25 total)
161--162--160 Weight (lbs) (down 2 lb total)
22--21--20 (bodyfat mm) (down 2 mm total)

Last week's results, while they did move down slightly, were rather disappointing. However, I kicked that nutrition into full gear this week, and you can see what only 7 days did. I was weighing 160 by this past Monday, and I noticed the change in the waist Tuesday. My belt isn't quite ready to move down a notch yet, but it's gotten loose. I'm taking week 2 pics tomorrow, as hubby isn't home to snap them. I'm using them as a push-force and motivation, even if I'm not sharing them here yet. The ones of my backside are esp. scary!

Did a normal workout and a fun workout yesterday. The fun workout was great, as I played outside with my daughter, pulling her on a sled through calf-deep snow, up and down the street, and climbed up and down a snow pile. Then we went in the house and played 2-P run on the Wii Fit. There's a reason why I scheduled the fun workouts- I have a lot of fun doing them, but unfortunately, I've got to be intentional about it.

So, on Tuesday, I had said I was going to workout? That didn't happen. Oh well. I have been staying on track food-wise, although it has been difficult these last couple of mornings, as I want my cereal! I've kept to the oatmeal. The point is to just do it, and not think about it. Once the eating has finished, the cravings are not so bad. I'll continue to stay away from it for the time being and cook pannokoekens if I really need something other than oatmeal. Omelets work too. The thing is that the oatmeal is just fast.

Last night, I cooked turkey burgers (bunless for me) and we had them with green beans and a couple of carrots. YUM. Here's what we did for the turkey burgers:
1 lb turkey
1 tbs EVOO
1-2 tsp each of black pepper, cumin, basil, and Morton's Nature's Seasoning Salt

Heat up a large pan (or George Foreman). While heating, mix turkey with EVOO and spices. Form into burgers and place in hot pan. Fry until cooked through, but still juicy. Cheese can be added to increase flavor or create a cheeseburger.

Yeah, I know. Simple. But that's how turkey burgers are made without egg whites!

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BEE said...

your doing great
i know i have to intentionally move more during the day and play outside and the snow and stuff too i get that part of your blog to a tee