Thursday, January 21, 2010


Well, measurements were taken today. And they stalemated. Yuck. They were either back up to 1/7 levels or the same as 1/14. I'm about ready to throw the BF calipers in the trash, as I can measure myself 4 times and get four different readings. Strange how they work fine when I'm measuring clients, but for me they are onery. Scale was back to 160.

So, I'm buckling back down on the diet- little things, here and there, that may have been sneaking in some calories and are unaccounted for. Here's the interesting part: tomorrow is daughter's 6th birthday, and I know where she's going for supper (Chuck E Cheeses). I probably won't have much problem avoiding that food, as I've heard it's awful, and tomorrow's supposed to be a no carb day. I'm going to vamp the menu and see if I can't lower the carbs just a tish more, eat twice in the afternoon (2 pm and 5 pm works great, supper won't be until 7:30) and perhaps bring a large salad to the arcade.

How strange: usually, I have no problem getting workouts in. The problem generally lies with the food, the little sneaks and portion increases, the cheat meals, missing snack meals. Even if grabbing a veggie and meat is intuitive for me, there's still the little things. This time around, the food is doing okay (not great, I need to pick that up yet), and the workouts are being a beast. I've done ONE workout this week. Yep, read that: ONE. It's Thursday, for crying out loud! I should have three done at least, if not four!

Okay. Rant over. Time to stop whining and just DO. Those results are going to be absolutely beautiful next week Thursday. Meal compliance will be 90% or better (that means NO skipping). The workouts will be performed, and then some. By next Thursday morning, I will have completed 7 workouts and eaten 33 perfect meals.

7 workouts, including today's. 33 perfect meals, including today's. Hold me to that.


BEE said...

im holding ya to it lol :)

tell you daughter i said happy 6th birthday

oh and chuckee cheese is horrible
dont eat there its grosssssssssss

Ripx180 said...

yep, just get it done!! Nothing like a little success to light that fire and really get you rolling. Time for the action!

Daisy said...

Buy a nutritional scale and weigh all your food. Measuring cups really don't work, they aren't an accurate measurement. A few calories here and there, ends up being a couple of hundred. Add those up over a week and what does that do to a deficit?