Saturday, January 9, 2010

Best-laid plans...

Well, you know what they always say about the best-laid plans: get out of the way, cause someone's going to roll over them.

My grandfather had quintiple bypass surgery yesterday morning.

I knew about the surgery, and knew he's otherwise a pretty strong guy (and very strong-willed), so I figured he'd be fine.

'Round about the exact same time I was heading toward the gym, I received a phone call that said he was going back into surgery because he was bleeding. My family needed me emotionally, so I spent the rest of my non-working hours at the hospital, just giving support and a way for people to keep their minds off everything.

I haven't heard any news yet this morning, but I'm taking the "no news is good news" standpoint.

So, the workout was successfully avoided ;) JK! I was upset that I didn't get to it; had I known, I would have made sure it was done early morning. The food choices yesterday weren't bad- I didn't eat much at all, unfortunately, but the food I did eat was healthy. Even at Culvers (chili and side salad, except for the ice cream my dad bought all of us). Here were my three squares yesterday: Pannokoeken, Grilled Chicken sub w/ lettuce & onions (noonish), then Culvers (at approx 9 pm).

Today's intake is currently at a bowl of oatmeal and one apple. Lunch will be a spaghetti squash spaghetti (no noodles for me), snack will be one of the Gourmet Nutrition recipes (from Precision Nutrition) that I make, and dinner is Chicken w/ spinach and roasted garlic. Today's workout is currently finished. I intend to do a fun workout later this afternoon (cleaning the bathroom doesn't count, but I will also be doing that). The meals are planned for today through Thursday, the groceries are bought, and I'm ready to get cooking!

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