Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sorry 'bout that!

Completely forgot to post yesterday and Sunday. Quick wrap-up of those days:

Sunday: My body was re-introduced to pizza, and rejected it out of hand (planned cheat meal). Very interesting. Only three meals that day, but the other two were pannokoeken w/ berries and chicken w/ spinach. I cooked for three hours in the evening, staying up way too late but making sure my meals for the week were basically taken care of. Note to self: please,please,please make the pea soup from Gourmet Nutrition again!

Monday: Slightly varied the menu but all choices were high-quality, wholesome foods (except breakfast- which goes to show that lack of sleep leads to poor meal choices!). Five meals, and supper was the winner: I had made a meatloaf, and my family showed up and shared in it (yum! Check out the Eating for Life version sometime, it's to die for). My mother made peas, mashed potatoes, and garlic bread to go with the meatloaf. I was trying for a low-starch meal, and the meatloaf has oatmeal in it, so I didn't have the potatoes. Stayed away from the bread and didn't miss it, either. Workout was completed, and it was tough! I didn't realize it was a 50-10 until I'd completed my first round at 30-5, but I switched gears and completed three more rounds at 50-10 (50 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest and transition).

Today: Slept amazingly last night! Except for the fact that I woke up three times convinced that the night was over, I feel quite rested today. Meal choices have been spot-on and following the menu. Haven't done my workout yet today, although I intend to do it tonight along with a fun workout afterward (fun workouts involve running around with my daughter, playing games on the Wii, going swimming, basically any kind of movement that lasts 30+ minutes and is mostly continuous but isn't terribly taxing).

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