Friday, January 8, 2010

Whoop, Sorry!

Forgot to post yesterday. It was a snow day, so it made things quite interesting!

No workout. No excuse, either, except that my workout area in my house is also called our living room, and that is quite occupied by the rest of my family, who are either on the Wii, watching a movie, or playing. I want to get a space set up in our basement for it but that hasn't happened yet.

Food was fine, I had made a healthy version of corn chowder in the crockpot the night before with our limited reserves of veggies, and we pretty much lived off that. The cookies and chocolate started calling my name at one point- I had one chocolate truffle (approx 70 cals), then stayed away. See? No deprivation, no guilty feelings, but can stay in moderation. I'm still keeping wheat to an absolute minimum, although dairy hasn't really left yet. I never really have had much of it anyway, so I'm not too worried. What I am worried about is how lacking my veggie intake is. I really want to be up to 7-10 servings per day, and I'm lucky if I'm getting 4. So it's what I 'm going to keep working on.

Snow day again today, but it's mostly due to the wind chill and the fact that the snow plows need a chance to catch up from yesterday's blowing stuff that made plowing nearly impossible. So we intend to get out of the house- I'm going to work out at the gym, and we're going to go grocery shopping. Plus I'll work. I had to cancel my classes yesterday, which was a big bummer for me (and I guess my members, too ;).

Breakfast was awesome this morning: I made an oat flour version of my famous pannokoeken, and it worked great!

Here's the recipe: (serves 1)
2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites
1 cup milk
1/4 cup oat flour (put a heaping 1/4 cup oats into a blender and press mince/grate for about 1 minute, and whallah! oat flour)
1/8 tsp salt

Place a small pan on med-high heat. Mix eggs, milk, and salt with a whisk until well mixed. Slowly stir in oat flour. Use a spray to lightly coat the pan, then pour in a small amount of the mixture (to your preferred thickness). Lift pan off burner if it starts to smoke, or cook too quickly. Flip when the top is slightly hardened. Repeat until mixture is gone. You'll need to continually stir the mixture before pouring it, as the flour tends to sink to the bottom.

Basically, they end up looking like crepes, but they're naturally sweet, so no maple syrup or sugar is needed. If you want a topping, frozen or fresh fruits work great.

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