Monday, January 4, 2010


It's a case of the Monday's for me. I'll write this post, then do my workout, as I haven't done it at any other point today.

I've felt rather unproductive, although I believe I must have accomplished some things. I logged my calorie intake from yesterday and found out that I may have only taken in 950 calories yesterday. Oops. It likely could have been more because I didn't have the nutrition stats for the Beef & Vegetable Stir Fry I had from my absolute favorite restaurant (which, lucky for me, is 4 hours away now). However, that would explain why I've been so hungry today.

Food: Oatmeal for breakfast, 3 eggs for mid-morning snack, pork ribs/broccoli/cauliflower/baked potato with cottage cheese for lunch, one chocolate truffle, a 1/4 cup trail mix, 1 cookie throughout the afternoon (yeah- I was hungry), then a piece of chicken breast and 1 slice of pizza for supper. Started out great, then degraded fairly quickly in my food choices. Issue? I was hungry, and I also hadn't planned the day beyond lunch. Hence, fallback foods. See how I set myself up for failure? So I'm calling myself out. I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow and stocking up on the good stuff, which I'm actually low on right now. And I'll finish out this week's meal plan pronto. As in tonight, before bed.

Which means I'd better get moving if I plan to do all this stuff in the next hour!

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