Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Typing and eating: Does it Work?

I'm attempting to type this post at the same time as eat my supper. Well, actually, I'm typing it over the remains of my supper. If you must know, it was a chicken taco salad with romaine and spinach, and extremely good. Today was a no-carb day, and I was surprisingly good at making sure I ate enough. Everything was quite yummy too, although I'm not too sure I want to repeat the Turkey BLT I had at lunch (it was okay, just not great).

Here was my menu today:
Breakfast: cheesy omelet (1/4 cup cottage cheese with eggs, scrambled, with spinach and 1/4 cup shredded cheddar). Cheddar probably wasn't supposed to be on the menu, now that I think about it. Hmm. It was still really good!
Lunch: Turkey BLT (except mine was more like BLB, bacon, lettuce, broccoli).
Snack 1: (2:00 pm) Protein shake, vanilla with 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie seasoning
Snack 2: (5:00 pm) Peanut Butter bars
Supper: (8:30 pm) Chicken taco salad

Workout: Was AMAZING today. I dunno why, but I've been rather un-motivated about the workouts I designed for this month. At any rate, I did it, not only the required 4 times through, but 5 total, THEN did 8 minutes of Tabatas (20-10 work-rest) with burpees and jumping jacks, THEN did 15 minutes of fun stuff afterward on the Wii. Avoiding dishes is a really good motivator, apparently. Yeah.

Part of this is because yesterday, well, yesterday was eh. I followed the menu for breakfast, lunch, and one snack, keeping it low-carb, but supper was a falling point. I have been extremely well-trained as to turning down food, and ended up eating goulash, lettuce, and a slice of apple crisp with ice cream. The apple crisp was Grandma-made and served. I'm not feeling guilty about it, but rather I'm disappointed. I have a goal, I've set a challenge, and I've been doing quite well at staying on the path. I do still have some old habits that need to be broken.

At any rate, results are still coming along, the scale was down again this morning, even if not by a lot, I'm now officially back in the 150's. Technically. Woot! We'll have to see by Thursday, and next week Thursday, what this carb-cycling does for me. It's already January 19, which gives me 12 days until the end of this month. The goal was 150. Considering that may have been a bit overreaching, I still have a chance to hit it, as long as I keep on track. Besides, I set this up to be a 6-month challenge for a reason- I know that I can't control exactly how much I weigh or how fast my body lets go of the fat, but I can control what actions I take to get there. That being said, I needed some short-term, high-reaching goals that challenged me and kept me going.

Tomorrow's a high-carb day. I'm looking forward to oatmeal, and I'm wondering if I have rice on the menu. Or potatoes. Amazing what one looks forward to :)

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Dave said...

Great job so far :)