Friday, January 22, 2010

Today's Post.

Creative Title, eh? I couldn't think of anything today!

So, yesterday served to be a nice kick in the pants. I got a great workout in, I followed the meal plan (with tweaks, but I always tweak- just so long as I'm still following the actual goal- for instance, supper was going to be Tuna on Rye Krisps, but when I got home, I just wanted something warm, so I had a cottage cheese omelet instead).

Today I'm going "no carb," which pretty much translates to keeping full servings of fruit, starchy items, or carbohydrate-dense foods out. Green leafies are still full game, as are green beans, raw carrots, broccoli (basically any fiber-rich vegetable, usually green in color but not always). I also found a great website that let me understand how to carb cycle (you'd think I'd have gotten it before- well, I did, but not really. Most resources go into such detail and depth that you get lost before you even get started, and by lost, I mean in numbers. Other resources provide no detail at all, and basically say "if it had a face or came from something with a face-meat, fish, eggs- and if it's green, eat it on no-carb days." Well, that's nice. However, here's the website. A perfect resource for me, or perhaps I was finally just in the right place to understand what I was being told. I pulled up FitDay, figured out a few numbers, and Whallah! I've pretty much got my menu for next week planned out. Crazy. It was most helpful in figuring out high carb days, because my brain of course wanted to translate them into all out binge-fest. Hehe. So its figured out.

Then, here's the biggest surprise of all: yesterday probably just served to kick me in the pants, dig my heels back in, and keep going harder. That's great! I am now figuring that if I'd had high results, I might have gotten complacent. Well, I'm not measuring again today, but here's the thing: my belt automatically switched to the next notch this morning. I mean, I totally belted up my pants, and noticed that the "dangly side" was longer-wtf?-checked, and I was on a brand new notch. Yeah! So, that prompted me to pull out my "thermometer" pants- the one's I've been using as motivation, they're my largest size 10's that I abandoned fall 2008- and they felt much, much better. Still not wearable, but thisclose. So something has definitely happened.

This, my friends, is why I'm using 6 different methods of measurement. My pics are showing a reduction in back fat but not much else, the tape measure and calipers are all over the map, the scale is a pussy, and the thermometer jeans may just fit by the end of January! So, if one thing goes up (ie the scale) but something else goes down (ie the jeans fitting), then it's a win in my opinion.

So, continuing to buckle down. Food so far today:
2 eggs, scrambled
1 smoothie with 2 scoops protein powder and 1/8 cup berries
1 turkey burger with 3 cups lettuce and 1/2 cup cottage cheese

I'm off to get a couple of cats from the vet (I follow Bob Barker's advice), then a workout, then whatever's next. Oh yea, Up-Chuck E Cheeses. Ew. I believe I'd better pack my salad.

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