Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

How did it start?


Not perfect, but why do I always expect perfection from myself?

Welcome to the New Year, 2010 is here! And with it, my headlong dash into what I've been calling the "Looking Hot for 3o" campaign. I got a good start, ignored it completely for 3 days, then crawled back up today.

I did well today- oatmeal for breakfast, eggs for midmorning snack, meat/veggies/rice for lunch, cookie for snack, pork ribs w/ 2 tbs bbq sauce/veggies for supper. Now what I need to do is up that veggie intake by about double.

Tmrws plan: oatmeal for breakfast, eggs for midmorning snack, pork ribs/veggies/potato for lunch. I'll have to get midafternoon snack and supper to you later, because it's currently after 11 pm and I should have been in bed a half hour ago.

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Dave said...

Looks pretty good, I need to up my vegie intake also.

Hey, I think we need a new name for the group. I am going to change my sidebar (remove F.A.T. Coalition) and put up active blogs. Any ideas?