Saturday, January 16, 2010

Menu status

Menu for the week done. Has alternating days of high carb, low carb, and no carb, just to f&*k with my system a little bit more. The menu looks pretty good, with perhaps more food on it than last week. So I should be staving off the hunger/low energy stuff. Worked on the damn menu all day, just finished it now. I had some major mental blockage that needed to be worked through regarding that, because once I broke through it, the menu was planned pretty quickly. Prior to that though... let's just say, I'm glad I worked through it.

Fun workout done: Morgan and I built a snow fort (called a quinzee) for an hour and a half. SO much fun. It involved shoveling plenty of snow into a big pile, then army crawling in and out of a hole digging snow the whole time.

Main workout: not done.

1 comment:

Ripx180 said...

glad to see you are still tweaking things in the menu. I had allot of success with low carb on cardio days, little higher carb on weight days a while back. Need to get back to that.