Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dancing all the way

I weighed in at 144.5 lbs today! Yes, that is officially below my goal weight. And naturally, I had to use this number as the beginning number for the challenge. *grin* Haha, just gives me extra incentive!

So, since I think I'm still not bikini ready (although I need to scan and post my school i.d. photo from 2004, it's crazy), I'll be shoving that scale downward until I'm there. New goal: 135. I've been guessing that it would be 135 for awhile now, since I kept getting closer and closer to the goal but still am not getting rid of that fatty bump they call a stomach area and the thighs, that it would just have to keep moving down until I'm there.

I'll post pics if I can get my hubby to take some this weekend. My 3-year-old just doesn't do the camera justice (and it's a bleepy camera in the first place), plus there's that whole taking-a-picture-looking-up issue.

I actually ate 8 meals yesterday. I had 8 planned for today, but schedule got thrown off and I forgot to grab my protein drink for my workout (which I double-shot and count as two meals, one prior workout and one post-workout). However, as soon as I go eat my night snack I will have had 6 meals today. For this month, I'm going to follow Turbulence Training's Hardcore Fat Loss, which I may have picked up in the member forums (that you get 3 months free if you order TT through that link) and not as a bonus, but there is a fat-loss workout included (besides the fact that TT is THE BEST for fat loss anyway-yes, it has surpassed Afterburn, believe it or not). At any rate, in Hardcore Fat Loss he recommends 8 MEALS PER DAY. Pre-and post-workout drinks count as separate meals. So I've got to be on my ball this month.

This is insane because I've got 1) a presentation on both Mon and Tues next week, 2) a paper due next Mon, 3) Finals and another paper the week after, 4) an e-book to finish writing and editing and getting reviews on by mid-December (email me for the book, if you want to help review it and get a free e-book in the process). Hmm. I believe I'm a bit busy the next couple of weeks. So, if I disappear for semi-long stretches at a time, that's why- I haven't keeled over (yet)! However, I'm loving it!

I've updated the blog with the FAT Coalition Roster. If you've never heard of FAT, it means Fit And Trim, Thank You! It's a great little community of bloggers (and now forum posters) who support each other. There are challenges, support systems, and lots and lots of different perspectives of all those who are interested in attaining the same goal- Their Best Body EVER. I've now become an honorary member *grin* because I've been living on some of the blogs and the forum, and they got wind of the fact that I was still trying to lose weight too. If you want to be part of the Coalition, email Billy or Rob, and they'll get you on. I believe a website may be in the works for after Christmas.

Now, to get some actual work done (or dishes....).

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